Purim in the style of Disney from the JCC "Halom" -good for the mind, heart, and hands

12 March, 2017 JCC Khalom had a large Purim celebration for children and adults. More than two hundred people gathered at the Gallery of modern art in Kiev, where a fabulous performance took place! All the celebration was held in the style of Disneys fairy tales: favorite children's characters, their attributes, and magical things every single thing was captured, turned to advantage and became a part of the General history of Purim. Imagine: in one room the parents with kids made Haman's ears, and in this they were helped by our favorite cartoon characters - Mickey and Minnie Mouse!In another hall all the visitors were plunged into the magical world of meals from Alice from the Wonderland and Hans and Gretel, who treated everyone with gingerbread houses! The atmosphere of fun and joy became even more creative, because all the guests were able to attend the master classes from masters of "Khalom" and make themselves a little souvenir in memory of Purim. A crown for the Queen Esther it must have been a favorite master class, - says Marina, one of the guests, - the children were so enthusiastic that some of them managed to make a few crowns, which then were put not only on the moms but also on dads heads. The fun was such, as, probably, on the first celebration of Purim!"Face art, live music, a bubble show, quizzes with gifts, national youth dances and an incredibly large number of different master classes is only a tiny part of interactive attractions which were held to the occasion. The Central action of the festival was the concert of the theater "Ruach", which tells children about historic events of the holiday. Purimshpiel from JCC "Halom" became a real holiday for the mind, heart and hands!