A permanent exhibition of embroidered paintings is opened at the Kiev Hesed

Albert Camus wisely said: "in the day the flight of birds always seems aimless, but in the evening, their movements become purposeful. They fly to something. The same may be with people who have reached the evening of life... Does life have an evening?" The ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" boldly answers, "Yes! And this evening should be decent, comfortable, and beautiful, in a circle of loving people!" And what could be more beautiful than nature, reflected in the works of our masters with golden hands and precious hearts? Only a person with a beautiful soul can create masterpieces. Whether it's a sand castle on the beach or Nocturne, or marble sculpture or embroidered pattern. No one can pass by the masterpiece - its energy is felt through the glass, screen or magazine sheet. We haven’t also left without attention the beautiful works created by our clients and social workers. Therefore, in the framework of activities of the Jewish Art Hub, we have created the exhibition on the third floor of Hesed. The works, performed with pinpoint accuracy and not a lesser value, give delight, smile, and a sense of a holiday. The warm hearts of the authors might be breathed from the patterns, and is transferred to the visitors of the exhibition. Come to us, our friends! With pleasure we will share with you the joy and bring a little sunshine in these cloudy days of November. The exhibition opened on November 9, 2017, will be updated and expanded because the Kiev Hesed always helps to realize the creative potential of its wards, employees and partners. We are waiting for you, dear connoisseurs of the beautiful! And our talented artists are looking forward for your feedback!