Employees of ICF

ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" is well-known as a happy family among our wards and colleagues from other organizations. Yes, we love to make friends! We love to get acquainted with the experience of the public organizations, to communicate with those specialists who develop programs to help children and the elderly people. We love to learn how our colleagues live and work. And yet we love to be the guests :) So, on March 23rd 2017, the employees of our Hesed visited the Jewish community center "Khalom". The tour around "Khalom" was held for us by its Manager Anna Bondar. The staff of Hesed also visited well-equipped meeting room, the indoor children's mini-garden, the classroom for creative workshops and the gym. Not only has a creative approach to interior design caused the rapture, but also the hospitality of the young team of "Halom" employees. We discussed some interesting forms of cooperation and soon will present you, our dearest, some cool new joint projects!