• Jewish Art Hub, the main site of Jewish culture in Kiev Hesed

    It is fair to say that the ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel» has always been at the forefront of organizations that provide not only high-quality social services, but also actively contributing to the support of the Jewish traditions and popularization of the Jewish culture. Traditionally this mission has been implemented through creative meetings, concerts, theatrical performances and themed nights for the Jewish holidays. However, figural art was still beyond affordability for our wards. Of course, from time to time we take our elderly people to the art exhibitions in Kiev. But we would like to show the beauty not only to 30-40 people, but to a larger audience! We believe that the demand for visits to galleries and museums of Hesed wards from Kiev is growing at an astronomical pace. And those who live in the Kiev region are especially in the need of satisfying their aesthetic needs. And time goes forward. Accordingly, visual art which reflects all aspects of human civilization does not stand still. New images, concise and multi-subject – are shown in the creations of authors. New technologies are actively used in the artwork, and the new names organically intertwine into the fabrics of cultural history. We accepted the challenge and said to ourselves that it was the right time! It was a high time to change something. To do something by ourselves, allowing simultaneous solving of several problems, among which the priority was to familiarize our clients with contemporary artists working in the context of Jewish culture. While equally important to us are the artists-Jews and artists, inspired by the symbols of Judaism, history and cultural heritage of the great ancient Jewish people. The idea didn’t remain at the level of words. Then we thought about the format in which would like to develop this idea. It was not only about paintings hung on the walls of Hesed, this cannot be enough. We decided to do cultural education, organize charity exhibitions of the chosen authors, hold meetings and workshops, become a sort of main hub of modern Jewish art. So the idea came to create a creative space in the premises of the ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel». This site is intended for free self-expression, creative activities and interaction of people. The simple logic suggested the name «Jewish Art Hub». The main emphasis of the new creative space is made on the communication and interaction of the authors with clients, employees and guests of Kiev Hesed. The originality of each author’s creative personality is revealed in harmonious connection with the art around the world, influences the emotional intelligence of society and contributes to a better understanding of different cultures, including Jewish. Through a special understanding of the dramatic art of color, the relationship of line and space of the masters become a point of contact between the deep origins of Jewish culture and a modern audience. Namely, this effect, in our opinion, determines their belonging to the Jewish art. This approach exposes the stereotypes about Jewish life, values, culture and offers a wide audience a new, unexpected view. To assess fully and understand the full potential of modern Jewish art is possible thanks to being familiar with various creative works of the authors working in different genres of visual art. Therefore, «Jewish Art Hub» offers to all visitors, step by step, from the author to the author, to reveal new faces of Jewish culture by visiting our exhibitions and vernissages. We will be glad to talk to the visitors of exhibition, and look forward to seeing new authors and their beautiful, unique art works. If you pre-inform the art curator Ivanna Edgarova about the wish to visit «Jewish Art Hub» on the phone +38 (050) 412-25-15, the employees of the PR Department of Hesed with pleasure will take you on a private tour in the Hub and discuss possible cooperation. Also you will receive a pleasant surprise – the autograph of the artist, whose works are exhibited in the ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel». Expositions change every month, so every visit is a meeting with a new author. Dear friends, you are welcome!