Lyrics of a Jewish women: ICF

What expresses the feelings and emotions of man? Fascinating statues, magnificent architecture, gorgeous paintings, masterpieces of jewelry art... But that lives through the generations? What is truly immortal? Of course, literature – fairy tales, stories, novels, and poetry. Rhymes of genius poets, created centuries ago, again and again are passionately and enthusiastically read by people of all ages! From century to century works of the masters of the word remain imperishable.Therefore, ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" decided to give the opportunity to open up for the talents of our wards and organized a literary contest where our clients send their works. Time will tell what is written brilliantly, and what will only flash a bright spark in the ethereal air of Poetry - as the poet said, "It is not easy to find the connection of times where it’s hiding in the night sky. The man was possessed by the stars, so he will always lean to the stars". And one of those talented people is our ward Alexandra Mikhailovna Moshkovich.

Sashenka Moshkovich was born in 1946. Began writing poetry at a young age: the heart of a young girl keenly spoke as to a beautiful spring days, breathing with warmth, and to the pressing issues of life. Here are the lines, which merged with the romance and maximalism of youth:

Do not shoot the star, keep it safe from the arrows.
This is someone's dream that you took on a sight.
This is someone's fire you kill by a blue arrow, breaking through the spider armor.
If only a star could answer you, it would then raise the bow like an arc...
Here’s a Sagittarius’ starry host, aiming at someone's chest -
Murders never end inside covered with blood milky way.
Sky is breathing hard from deaths.
There’re no stars in the black sky, no people on earth.
I bequeath it to the one who survived in battles – don't shoot the star!
Protect it from the arrows...

Time went on. Alexandra graduated from the Fourth medical school in Kiev, and later received a higher education in the specialty " logopedist" and graduated from the faculty of Pediatrics of the medical Institute. Daily cares, family life, joy and sorrow absorbed the creative energies of Alexandra - she stopped writing verses, giving all to the only son, beloved husband, dear patients...

Every person’s life is a mosaic, consisting of events. Remarkably, when these events are joyful and bring happiness. But anyone in the world could escape from the sad events. Alexandra, unfortunately, was no exception: after retirement she and her husband were put a terrible diagnosis – cancer... They have experienced more than one operation. But they were together, loving and supporting each other. However, in the house of Alexandra came to grief – the husband died. The loss of a loved one became so terrible stress for this fragile, sensitive woman that she began to express in the lines her sadness, tears and despair. Yes, to Alexandra returned her talent of the poet. After a while, having met in our Hesed the same lonely heart and understanding soul, Alexandra wrote:

We’ve met with you a middle-aged.
Two lonely beating hearts.
It seemed to us that youth is back,
But age can not be fooled.
We’d like to see in the new one
Familiar and lovely features,
But our hearts may not be fooled –
Melancholy unsubdued in a chest...

Opening her heart to the listeners, Alexandra Moshkovich leads a sincere dialogue which touches our souls, evoking memories of our own experiences, impressions, admires. It's no wonder – as a favorite poet of a talented Jewish women was and still is Yesenin! Perhaps, therefore, a simple, but heartfelt words of Alexandra’s poems are understandable to many of us who hide aspirations in the routine of life:

In the summer we crave for snow, in winter, we need roses.
And sometimes we find tears where we looking for a laugh.
We are afraid of love, naivety of confessions –
It’s easier for us to put up with all the bitterness of parting.
All is vanity, and we go for it...

Now Aleksandra Mikhailovna is a disabled person of the 2nd group. And every trip to the cancer center for her is an appointment with destiny...Every time, having not heard the discouraging bad news from the doctor, Alexandra gets out of the hospital, looks up to the sky and says, "Thank you, God!". And although it is quite difficult to survive after the amputation of a part of the internal organs, still looking for the opportunity to purchase medicines in the current economic climate, Alexandra is an incredible optimist: when you talk with this amazing woman, it seems that the air is filled with the warmth of spring and sunlight!

All of our big family of Hesed wish to Alexandra Moshkevich energy, health, joyful moments of life and inspiration! Let the literary life of the poet shine with new faces and bring happiness for all admirers of the Jewish poetic talent.