The incredible is already with us! Personal art exhibition of Slava Zaymak in the creative space

People are always dreaming about the future, and what is beyond one's grasp - a perfect beauty, heavenly love, infinite riches, or the greatest victories. We bring into being our fantastic desires by means of music, literature, cinema, theatre, and visual arts. Transformation of a fantastic attitude, transfigured by the creative inspiration of an author, is brought especially bright in the pictorial art.

This form of art has stood the test of ages. It seems that the yellow, shifting sands of time are circling around the images depicted in the paintings of the great masters. Therefore our ancestors, we ourselves and our children are petrifying in silent delight in front of the paintings and enjoy plunging in their energy. Yes, it is the very effect on the person’s emotional state that famous artists are able to create by means of color and using color to express the essence of the world, compliance or contradiction of eternal values and thousand and one small worries of life. Life dictates its laws to the art, and, simultaneously, is affected by the art. In this union emerge new talents that embody the interaction of creative and technological processes. Craftsmen use traditional and modern materials, author’s technology, creating entirely new masterpieces. Such amazingly beautiful, positive, and sunny art objects were presented by the popular Ukrainian designer Slava Zaymak at his personal art exhibition "Ideas...Colors...Emotions..."

The exhibition is open on the second floor of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" and will run until 31 July, 2017. Successfully matched compositions create a storm of positive emotions in visitors! And the updated interior of Hesed emphasizes the harmony of color and sensations. Hesed staff and wards are happy to admire the paintings of Slava – the ideas, painted with feeling and emotional sensations are subtly captured through the combination of bright colors and pastel shades. Special interest of visitors is brought by the author's technology of Slava: using hot glue, acrylic, glitter, adhesives, organic coffee beans and other elements, the artist creates radiant splendor of a fantastic dimensional images. The author blurs the line between reality and dream, and the audience gladly dives into this alluring world of fairy tales. The exhibition presents 12 paintings, previously exhibited at the international and national artistic shows, as well as a few art objects on Jewish themes, which the author has prepared especially for our event.

Thuswise, you can see the kippah, embellished with beads and a Golden Trident, as well as a glamorous youth interpretation of this traditional headwear. A nice smile is invoked in everyone by the legendary Sarah’s slipper presented by the author in the new format - in the form of small, cute felted slipper, decorated with gold braiding. And also the youth-styled t-shirts with traditional Jewish symbols – hamsa and menora! And bright, covered with webs of gold and wine red colors, baseball cap! This very exhibit was one of the most popular objects at visitors - very few people refused the opportunity to take a photo with the naughty hat.

We thank our friend and partner Slava Zaymak for the provided artistic works, assistance in organization of the exhibition and wish him a great inspiration, happiness, prosperity and new creative results!