The Homecare Program

Late in life, many elderly people are in need for help in cooking food, cleaning the house, social services and help in making everyday personal hygiene procedures. To solve this problem, the "Homecare" program is functioning, which is one of the basic programs of our Fund. The main actors of the program are social workers, who will buy products, bring order in the apartment, help to cook food and can even talk to utility service providers. However, the main objective of the program is to maintain physical activity of our clients. Therefore, the curators of the program are doing everything possible to maintain an active lifestyle of wards. An example of the importance of the program are the words of its participants. "... I can't imagine my life without Hesed... you brought a reason to live into my soul... a social worker is a real professional and a caring person",- with gratitude says Manya N., the victim of Nazism, the ward of our Fund.

For more information, please contact the duty supervisor by the phone: +38 (044) 241-03-02.

Program Manager – Elmira Kurochkina