• Project "Social program for the elderly: health support and prevention of social exclusion"

    Today in Ukraine there is no state system of high-quality and affordable programs for the preservation and treatment of ophthalmic diseases and hearing diseases, the creation of a friendly community for people with dementia and more. Patients themselves do not have the money to pay for expensive examinations and timely treatment. Under these conditions, failure to provide timely ophthalmic care leads to absolute blindness, and in the case of dementia - to the rapid deterioration of the mental state of man. People with hearing impairments also suffer from limitations caused by deafness, because for the most part socially vulnerable old women do not have the opportunity to buy a quality hearing aid. In addition, the elderly, capable of self-care, but socially excluded from the circle of communication due to the remoteness of his home from community centers, where you can participate in various sections, discussion clubs, listen to an interesting lecture, turn the pages of modern magazines in a cozy reading room. suffers from loneliness, deteriorating mood, progresses a number of diseases of a psychosomatic nature.

    Thanks to the project "Social Program for the Elderly: Supporting Health and Preventing Social Isolation", funded by the international organization Jewish Jewish Relief (UK), we solve some of the above problems in some way. Thus, the project implements areas:

    • financing of ophthalmic operations;
    • purchase of hearing aids;
    • organization and full logistical and humanitarian support of meetings of the elderly in places convenient for them - "Warm Homes";
    • creating a community friendly to people with dementia for people with cognitive impairments, family members of such people and social workers who care for people with dementia.

    The selection of project participants is carried out according to the criteria approved by the grantor.

    For questions related to the project "Social Program for the Elderly: Supporting Health and Preventing Social Isolation", please call the program coordinators at +38 (050) 353-75-17:

    • project "Warm Home" - Juliya Andreykovets
    • project "Formation of a friendly community to people with dementia" - Larisa Shklovtsova;
    • project “Hearing and Vision Health” - Olena Onyschuk.