Happy Day of Social Worker of Ukraine!

A social worker is an amazing person. One quality certainly distinguishes him from all other people: the heart of a social worker is much more open to helping those in need than the hearts of ordinary people. Social workers go not only by vocation, but by the call of the soul. Therefore, Social Worker Day is an unusual holiday. This is a day of triumph of generosity, patience, attention, sympathy, optimism. After all, these are the qualities that social workers have.
Our dear, beloved and respected social workers!
ICF "Jewish Hesed" Bnei Azriel "congratulates you on your professional holiday and wishes you good health, energy, prosperity, love and patience in your noble and difficult work.
Regards and best wishes, 
Yours ICF Jewish Hesed Bnei Azriel
Dear, with all our hearts we are presenting a virtual concert for you!