Congratulations with Volunteer International Day!

 December 5 - International Volunteer Day

Volunteering in Ukraine has become one that allows us to speak of ourselves as a social phenomenon. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, many people receive the necessary help and support. Volunteers help children and adults, take care of human and animal health, their comfort and safety. A special place in the volunteer movement is occupied by helping lonely, helpless socially vulnerable elderly people.

At the ICF "Jewish Hesed" Bnei Azriel "for more than 20 years there are not indifferent people - volunteers! Usually, young retirees became volunteers, as well as those active people, about whom people say "trailers to them, the engine will give light to the whole country"! And in the last few years they have been joined by students, doctors, artists, creative people, social professionals, psychologists and many other sincere people. Volunteers regularly carry out informational and educational activities, online events for the elderly, single and socially disadvantaged people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. Since the beginning of the quarantine restrictions, our volunteers have not been able to work normally, but quickly moved to a new format of support - helping to distribute food kits, organizing numerous online events to help people overcome social exclusion, and many other good deeds.


There are many reasons why people volunteer. It is the desire to share knowledge and useful skills, make new friends or do a good deed in honor or memory of your grandparents… It is compassion and faith that great social affairs begin with personal, small ones. But the main thing is a charitable idea that reflects the importance and principles of life. After all, our world is based on selflessness and mutual assistance!

Thank you, DEAR VOLUNTEERS, for your indifference, warm hearts and much-needed community service!