Unknown Faina Ranevskaya in ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel»

«When later I had to choose a pseudonym, I decided to take the name of Chekhov's heroine»

"If the patient really wants to live, the doctors are powerless", "Mulya, do not irritate me!", "A fairy tale is when he married a frog, and she turned out to be a Princess. And the true story is when it is on the contrary," said one day Fanny Girshevna Feldman, and these phrases, along with her other statements, became proverbial. One thing is strange, many of us know these phrases, but few have heard about this very Fanny Feldman! Who is she? What's her secret? And why she says the words of the great author? Interesting, isn't it? Therefore, the wards of the Kiev Hesed became extremely curious. Indeed, that much that that they gathered in the Club of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" at the "Theatrical mansy" with Emil Krupnik and listened to the presenter, and then asked tons of questions and comments. In short, everything happened in the best traditions of Hesed. The members of Mansy learned, that beloved by many generations of Faina Ranevskaya, in fact, was born under the surname of Feldman and the name of the girl Fanny, and well-known to all of us the name is a pseudonym of the great actress of theatre and cinema. There the wards of the Kiev Hesed – the Jews of Kiev and Kiev region – found out that the daughter of a rich Jewish industrialist from Taganrog is listed in the list of ten most prominent Actresses of the twentieth century according to the British encyclopedia "Who is who."

And, of course, the audience got real pleasure from watching video footage with the most vivid roles of Faina Georgievna - because who can better than the actress herself tell about herself! "When I begin to write memoirs, further than the phrase: "I was born in a family of a poor oilman..." – I can't do anything" – we hear from the screen and understand that the fascinating story of the presenter opened the door to a world of deep experiences and career difficulties of the actress of tremendous talent, truly brilliant daughter of the Jewish people. The participants of the "Theatrical Mansy" left with a indulged curiosity, and we are happy to say to all wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed" Bnei Azriel": "See you in the club of Hesed"!

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