The legendary Pavlo Zibrov sings in Jewish Hesed

Who among us does not know the popular expression "the contemporary singer shall be a combination of two qualities — the nightingale and the Juno's bird"? So we do assure you that our famous guest completely refutes this thesis!

However, the ease with which he found contact with the public and how he communicated without any pathos with fans and admirers dismisses all suspicion of arrogance and conceit, so typical of some of the great performers. Maybe that's why in the foyer of the Kiev Hesed one could hear the impressions the audience shared. "Oh, what a warbler! he sings so wonderful!", "Yes, Clara... Where is my youth? Where is my tender age??! What a talent... so handsome..."- sighed two dear dames, smiling wistfully. And the attractive older man told his friend in anticipation of the concert: "I'll tell you wife loved him so much...she even spent her pension on a ticket to the cultural centre "Ukraine" to hear the warbler... I scolded her so much...And now she is gone... so I'm going to Hesed to listen to him by myself - for me and for her..." After all, our wards did not have to spend a pension on a ticket to get to the concert of this great artist. Indeed, the Singer came to us himself – the people's artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov, a singer and talented composer gave a concert for the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel". Without lip-synch, without any fuss, without unnecessary words and superficial antics, but sincerely and clearly, in one breath, exquisitely and professionally sang Pavlo in the club of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel"...

The exacting audience accepted the singer so warmly that everyone forgot about February and a frosty weather! And the doors of the hall could not be closed because of the number of fans of the Ukrainian pop star; more and more people were coming all the time, trying to see at least a bit of the legendary artist. Masterfully wielding his voice, Pavlo sang famous songs one after another. With each composition of every the viewer left the thoughts of everyday problems, his face brightened, eyes glittered again with joy and delight, and deeply personal, wonderful moments of life revived in memory and were bringing happiness again...

And at the end of the concert the singer and the audience with great pleasure performed the singing anthem of Ukraine – the song "Chervona Ruta". This performance, as well as the concert as a whole, became another confirmation of the well-known postulate: for a talent, for love and true friendship there are no obstacles – neither linguistic, nor national, nor age specific. On behalf of our wards – the members of the Jewish community of Kiev and Kiev region – we thank the magnificent Pavlo Nikolayevich for an unforgettable event in the life of our wards – for the fun day, wonderful emotions that will prolong their lives, for their happy smiles and wish him creative success, energy, love, peace and prosperity!

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