Literary works of the wards of ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel»

«Love of a lifetime» – in this way characterizes her poetry the ward of ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel» Lyudmila Helemskaya, who became the winner of the literary contest "Music of words - 2017". This wonderful woman from a young age was fascinated by the richness and variety of the literary language. Much time was given to the study of the etymology and, of course, she always put soul in her poetry.

After receiving a technical education and working as an engineer-economist, Ludmila was unable to abandon literary work. For many years the poetry was a favorite hobby of the women, and today it has become even more important – the vital incentive. After all, in order to please her loved ones, friends and classmates with new works you need to be able to look at life with joy and hope, stay positive and keep healthy not only the body, but the soul. All this the client of the Kiev Hesed is doing extremely well, regularly giving the grateful public her own poetry. And even if sometimes the poems get sad, the author still believes and instills his faith in the reader. Therefore, life is full of surprises and beautiful moments that we need to learn to see, enjoying each day, despite the sorrows of the past and fears of the future. This is what Lyudmila Helemskaya says in her works, writing under the pseudonym Mila Zatuchnaya.

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Live while you live,

Don't think about the bad.

The morning sun will smile,

All shall go on as usual.

Live while you live,

Find happiness around.

The day will come after the night;

What to be sorry about?

The Sun will send us sunshine through clouds and heavy rain

The life’s teaching us sometimes –

Don’t speak about the sad.

Live while you live…

What’s Happiness? – you tell In youth we all believed –

In love and in career.

But happiness is fragile,

Not long it stays besides:

A wink ago we had it –

And there it was – away.

We wait for It for years

Don't know where we shall find…

It's near us, no tears! –

Cannot we realize.

With years we understand, –

It’s simple: In talking with our friends,

In harmony itself.

When you are with your loved ones

Go find a common line,

Speak not as you got used to,

Look as your eyes are young;

Your children speak their language

So join them, as you’re young!

Live while you live,

Find happiness around.

The day will come after the night;

What to be sorry about?

In harmony with nature,

In harmony with men

Live while you live,

And make it, find happiness you, man!

September 2011.

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