Europe on two feet a day with ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel»

Travelling is always interesting, memorable and exciting, everyone knows about it, right, friends? But what if for medical and financial reasons you cannot afford frequent trips to different parts of the world? Shouldn't you be sad, stay home and fall into the blues? Oh, surely you don’t have to – the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel", who regularly attend the Club activities of Hesed will answer you.

Just a very short while ago, the program of virtual travel – "Europe on two feet a day" - was launched for the clients of Kiev Hesed. During the program, leading Felix Schuester conducts a virtual tour of the most beautiful places in different countries, introduces the traditions, culture and customs of the area, which is being told about to our wards.

And it works! Bright photos, fascinating stories and funny plots associated with national peculiarities, and even given in the characteristic manner of exquisite Jewish humor, work wonders. The first few minutes of the meeting the clients of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" calmly and even with a slight skepticism listen to the presenter and study the photos and videos shown on the big screen. And then one by one they become involved in the active discussion, remembering who and where saw something similar and how he liked it, and the hall comes to life. And if it happens that our clients themselves have been in the country beyond question, as it was with Lithuania, then one certainly cannot immediately understand who conducts the tour – that is how actively all the present comment on everything seen and heard.

This is how – in a lively and enthusiastic conversation the clients of Kiev Hesed – the Jews of Kiev and Kiev region - "Europe on two feet a day" in the company of good friends. And, most importantly, returning from every such trip, they take with them energy boost, good mood and inspiration for the next week. Join us, our dear friends, and see you at the new meetings on famous and unexplored tourist routes with ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel"!

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