Duet «MichElle» gathers friends in the ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel»

It so happened in life that our Jewish ability to appreciate and maintain friendship many can envy. And the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed" Bnei Azriel" like no other know that it is always warmer, more fun and more comfortable in the circle of friends, and if these friends are also talented performers, then every meeting with them is always an unforgettable event! One of these bright and colourful events was a concert held by the volunteers of the Kiev Hesed "MichElle" (Mikhail Strizhevskiy, Ella Malakhova). Our wonderful performers pleased the wards of Hesed by the sounds of all our favorite songs "Hero (Vinovnik)", "Vernisazh", "Two colors", "Old piano" and other soulful songs.

Mikhail and Ella also performed several separate compositions, which pleasantly surprised the guests of the concert. But what are those guests – you will ask – who bring no gift and no surprise?! And you will be absolutely right – in our Hesed friends always come to share something good and nice! This time the Duet "MichElle" prepared for their grateful listeners a few musical surprises – they invited to a concert their creative friends-artists: Mikhail Poloz, Eugene Orel, Helen Wynn, and Emil Krupnik. Additionally, the dance and vocal support of many of the vocal numbers provide a charming guest Sophia Alpert.

The very talented performance, unexpected duets and beautiful stage performances of each concert number turned a friendly meeting into a spectacular show and filled the hall with radiant smiles of Hesed's wards – the Jews of Kiev and Kiev region. We had a very fun, sincere and joyful event, it was very good! We say a huge thank you to the duet "MichElle" for the gifted moments of exquisite musical pleasure and look forward to new meetings at our home – at the club of the ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel"!

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