Warm assistance for the wards of ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel»

In the cold season warmth of human contact is felt particularly strongly. After all, when the weather is rainy and nothing pleases the eye, people feel the need for care and support much stronger. And plus, a winter time is a time when we expect something good, bright and wonderful. It is laid in childhood – the belief in the miracle of Hanukkah and that man is not alone in this world. Exactly the same feel the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" – the Jews of Kiev and the Kiev region, for whom this time of a year often becomes a serious challenge. It so happened that for most clients of Hesed to buy a warm jacket, coat or winter boots is a serious problem, as the cost of winter clothes is too high. But even in such difficult situations people continue to rely on the support and are always thankful for any help. And sometimes help comes from where you expect it the least! From distant countries, from the complete strangers, across borders and miles. It happened this time, when the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" received humanitarian aid from the Polish charity organization "Olive tree." Its activists have repeatedly helped Hesed wards and had become good friends of our Fund. It is hard to overestimate the value of warm clothes and shoes for the wards of Hesed experiencing a shortage of winter clothes. "I was lucky, I was able to pick up almost all the warm clothes necessary for the winter, which I cannot afford buying in store," with sincere gratitude says Raisa N., the client of Hesed. And every person who has received this or that item of clothes, agrees with Raisa because along with the clothes each of them received the attention, care and understanding which they lacking so much in everyday life. According to another ward of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" Riva T: "In this parcel the most important is the human warmth and attention provided by residents of one country to people from another state. Humanity, here's the best of what we got today." But Riva, as a victim of Nazism, knows firsthand what she's talking about. And after her words really comes an understanding that life is valuable and should be cherished more than any material things. We sincerely thank the Polish CO "Olive tree" because despite the weather and distance, they were able to share the warmth of their hearts with the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel".

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