The trees of our soul: a solo exhibition of Slava Zaymak in Kiev Hesed

The coldest day in February has become one of the most heartfelt and truly emotional events! Today was held the presentation of the personal artistic exhibition of Slava Zaymak "Tu BiShvat" in Hesed. The trees of our soul" in the Jewish Art Hub of the International Charity Fund "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel".

Ukrainian designer works in several directions – from interior design to design of clothes and shoes. Nowadays he is the only author in Ukraine who boldly uses Jewish symbols in his artistic objects. And at the end of February this year we will see the first in Ukraine youth collection of t-shirts and baseball caps dedicated to Purim and Pesach, created by Slava. The talented author finds his inspiration not only in studying Jewish traditions and culture, but also in communicating with our wards and in joint work with them. Therefore, at the presentation of the exhibition all words of gratitude were sincere, as well as the musical gifts in the magnificent performance of Felix Schuster!

But the ending...Oh, the final presentation was of the kind that happens only with us:) Quite unexpectedly, at the behest of the heart and from the very heart sounded a beautiful Jewish song performed by a chapel of the popular Jewish singer Elena Winn. And the words of the song were picked up by Felix Schuster, Ella Shishko and many of the guests. We are grateful to Slava for his talent, courage and friendship and wish him more creative success and grateful fans!

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