A timeless story in a modern interpretation: Purim in the ICF «Jewish Hesed «Bnei Azriel»

One of the brightest Jewish holidays – Purim – is invariably associated with images of wise and deeply religious Mordechai, his beautiful and modest niece Esther, the imperious and wayward king Ahashverosh, the evil and insidious Minister Aman. And all this is as the story says. But Purim is a holiday, in which it is allowed what is forbidden on any other day – unrestrained fun, carnivals and festivals. So why not to perform the traditional story of the rescue of Jews from the disgrace of the Minister Aman – in a playful and provocative form, as we thought in the ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel"? So we thought about it and decided to show the wards of the Kiev Hesed a traditional Purim-inspired concert in an unconventional musical adaptation– Purim "A la chanson".

In a wonderful act played out on the stage participated dressed-up volunteers and staff of the Kiev Hesed: the Righteous Mordechai was done well by Eugene Orel, charming king Ahashverosh was played by Mikhail Strizhevskiy, the role of the evil Aman got the honored artist of pop art of Ukraine Mikhail Poloz, and the charming Esther was masterfully portrayed by Felix Schuster.

Recreating the atmosphere of noisy secular holiday, Purimshpil was full of magical dance compositions played by the brilliant and unforgettable damsels: Elena Abramskaya, Irina Demenko, Helen Winn, Irene Sydorovskaya, Raisa Gerbeeva, Elena Strativnova and Emil Krupnik in the role of charming Donna Rose, accompanied by a palace musician – Anton Eisenberg. And, certainly, as at any celebration, there were noisy and cheerful Jewish women, giving the fun an incomparable flavor. For the atmosphere of the Jewish holiday were responsible the beauties "of the people": Nina Tverie, Olga Ovdienko, Angelica Firsova-Feinberg and Anahit Zakyan, who perfectly embodied the brightest traits of our people.

Naturally, such a gorgeous event could not be held without the professional support of the sound of Vasiliy Cherniy and a stout shoulder of the servant of the harem Vladimir Dekštyannikov. Moreover, the charm and elegance of the presenters – Alla Pochinok and Emil Krupnik – emphasized the enchanting way and fervor of the entire concert program, combining beautiful concerted numbers in a cheerful and carefree holiday for the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel".

The festive concert is over, but the cheerful and elated mood will accompany all of us for a long time: the wards of ICF "Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel" – Jews of Kiev and Kiev region – who visited Purimshpiel. We are looking forward to meeting you again at the Kiev Hesed, friends!

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